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AI-Assisted CV Formatting for Recruiters

Accelerate Your Workflow

Save hours each month by letting the power of AI format your CVs for you before you send them to your clients.

Just upload your logo, input the candidate’s details, add the CV, and voilà – your professionally formatted CV is ready in mere seconds!

Even as we’re still shaping our platform, you can take advantage of our pre-order credit offer at a special discount. By pre-ordering credits, you won’t just save significantly, but also actively contribute to supporting our development team’s progress.

1 Credit = 1 CV Format


Save hours every month!

According to a recent poll, recruiters spend anywhere between 10 minutes and 40 minutes formatting cvs. If you multiply that by 6 cvs sent per week, that’s anywhere between 1 hour and 4 hours each week on formatting alone!

So much wasted time!


Reclaim the hours you spend each month on CV Formatting and get back to what matters – sourcing candidates & business development!


Upload your Logo, Brand Colours and Candidate Information and drop the CV in to format it the same time every time!

Ready to get started?

Whilst we get the platform ready, pre-ordering credits not only saves you money (as they’re at a heavily reduced price) but also supports the development team.